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Living Radiance in the Trenches of Motherhood:

Motherhood is a beautiful gift, a witness to the world, and a vocation so many of us are called to... but it's also REALLY hard.    How can we be intentional in this vocation, making sure that even in the tough, we are allowing the Joy of God's radiance to shine?

Creating Art with a Prayerful Heart

Prayerful experiences can happen anywhere and anytime.  Art is a great way to experience a stronger relationship with God.  There's many ways we can use the gift of creativity to shine the light of Christ to others.  In this workshop we will create a Radiant Journal to keep as a remind of who God calls us to be.  *There is an additional $5 fee to cover the cost of materials

Being a Radiant Disciple:

We are all called to be intentional disciples.  The world we live in can make that difficult at times.  How can we allow the Radiance of God to infuse us with energy, that we might become a 'band of joyful missionary disciples'.

Finding God's Radiance in Times of Sorrow:

Difficult times happen to all of us. Sometimes caused by loss, disappointment, or other heavy crosses.  How do you still choose to be joyful despite this suffering?

Holy Rest:


Rest is essential to letting our light shine.  It is our presence, not our accomplishments that brings the light of Christ to others.  How can we more fully understand the value of 'resting with our God'.  

Finding Radiance in Transition:

As we go through different seasons of life, we find ourselves making large transitions to get from one phase to another.  It is sometimes scary, sometimes exciting and always an adventure.  This workshop will explore how we can keep God as our steady, while life changes around us.